We make sure all your software & hardware asset are perfectly aligned with the way your company uses IT services. We are an agile and professional partner to manage your IT assets.

We are experts

There is not much new you can tell us about IT asset management (ITAM) and purchase optimisation. Because that is all we do. Being an expert means that we can explain you the bigger picture of ITAM from A to Z. Still, the devil is in the details, and we know where to look.

We are independent

Our competition consists of sourcing companies, vendors, consultants, resellers and distributors. They are bigger, but that doesn’t mean they are better. We only focus on your strategy, processes and goals, we don’t sell software ourselves.

We are business enablers

IT asset management processes are seldom the main focus of a business. You want to thrive and grow your business. Meanwhile you might be spending money on software & hardware you don’t even need. We offer you a way to free up large amounts of resources with a simple three step process.

Our Approach

A clear three step process


With IT asset management we monitor and measure your existing processes, hardware, software and licenses and check if this matches the need of your company.


Our licensing know-how ensures that we can optimize your software purchases. We can buy software for less, even at your current software vendor.


The realised savings enables companies to grow their business. We believe in an integrated solution: monitoring, purchase optimisation and growth.

Some of our customers

IT Asset Management

For organizations that want the benefits of IT Asset Management (ITAM), including process optimization, cost reductions and minimized compliance risks, but who don’t have the bandwidth or specialist skills on staff to manage a fully-fledged ITAM program, there is an answer. Our customers can choose a level of service that’s right for their ITAM needs, from basic annual ‘baseline’ activities through to proactive IT Asset Management where the organization will receive regular advice on how to optimize their processes, licensing and software costs.

Why outsource your ITAM requirements?

Drive down procurement costs

We can save you a lot of money, our clients reduce their software spend by up to 30% during the first 12 months.

Reduce risk

ITAM helps you to manage compliance throughout your organization; you lower the risk of noncompliance.


A ITAM program will reduce the downloading or purchasing of software from unauthorized sites that can infect computers with viruses.

Software Purchasing

We help you optimise your purchase, whether you’re purchasing or renewing, our consultants will help you secure the right deal. Our expertise enables us to navigate the complexities of Licensing to choose the option best for your situation and prepare for vendor negotiations and avoid overspending for license features you don’t need. Furthermore we evaluate current agreements and identify opportunities to save money or avoid anti-piracy penalties and help you rationalise your licensing agreements to right size your costs and products to your organization’s needs.

Why Software Purchasing Support?

Save Money

We have connections with resellers all over the world, we compare prices and you receive the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Independent Consulting

We are independent. We focus on licensing & price reduction only; we don’t sell the software ourselves

Expertise Support

Our team supports you 24/7/365 during any step of the way so that you always receive a quick and competent answer

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We are GSPC!

Our Team is totally crazy about process optimization and software licensing. We are experts in software purchase optimisation, IT asset management and implementation. With our support, companies can save a lot of money on software and licensing purchases. We have a lot of licensing know-how and a great network in Switzerland and beyond.






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